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Ransomware warning


This is a warning to all those who read my website. Ransomware is on the prowl again. Make sure your backups are in good working order. I have personally encountered ransomware and, thankfully, my client, a sizable company, who was…

Stagefright – again :)

sad android stagefright

Unfortunately it is not the stagefright you are probably thinking about 🙁 Stagefright is the name given to a malicious program which can affect over 1 billion Android phones. Yes, you heard that right – ONE BILLION ANDROID PHONES. That…

WordPress sites hacked – not !!!!!

Wordpress Malware

So, here I was on a lazy Sunday afternoon catching on some reading and my eye caught this headline..  “Active malware campaign uses thousands of WordPress sites to infect visitors” YIKES!!! Boy, was I worried when I read it My…