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Look after it or it will not look after you

Nat Geo Wild Malaysia

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I am an avid watcher of documentary productions by the National Geographic Society. In Sydney, documentaries by the National Geographic Society are usually about the reproduction cycle of plants or animals, about travel, about marine ecosystems, etc etc. You know,…

The Volkswagen scam

Volkswagen logo

The BIG news in the auto world is that the giant car manufacturer, Volkswagen, had hidden lines of code inside their car computers which can detect when the car is being tested by emission authorities in a lab!! As soon…

Oh no, not another venomous snake!!!

According to, Australia has over 140 land snake species and 32 sea snake species. Of those 140 land snakes, 100 of them are venomous. We already know that ALL 32 sea snakes are venomous. 🙂 Of the 100 venomous…